43D Presents Basic —

Last week, along with the team at 43 Derby Street, we hosted our very first event in the flexible space – Basic – a monthly talk series that encourages open and honest discussion about business.

We had Maryanne Moodie as our guest, who was wonderfully open and generous with her life/work story. We found the chat really insightful and thought we’d share a few take-aways from the night:

  • On being asked about growing her business and a very healthy social following, Maryanne reinforced the importance of building community, stepping out from behind the screen and just asking for what you want. We love the simplicity of ‘just ask’ and have been giving it a go ourselves since.
  • When questioned about balancing family and a successful business, Maryanne offered up some great advice on being selective in what you choose to pursue. We think this message is so important, it’s okay to do less. It’s okay to prioritise yourself and your family, we don’t have to do everything in a hurry.
  • Questions on creativity, originality and having your work copied got a really interesting conversation going. Maryanne had some beautifully simple tips for starting the creative process that stemmed from her days as an art teacher. Having had her work copied multiple times, Maryanne was a strong advocate for moving forward. She had some great thoughts around working on bettering yourself rather than focussing on someone trying to imitate you.

The evening really went to show how much we can learn from each other, we had a diverse range of industries represented in the audience and everyone said they found real value in the discussion.

Basic is held on the last Thursday of every month. The next speaker is very special to us, we recommend coming along! Tickets and further information are available at www.43derbystreet.com/upcoming.

Photos by Jill Haapaniemi

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