Adapting —

One of the benefits of being a small business is the ability to adapt quickly.

At JAC&, we start our branding process with a thorough pre-design phase which entails a workshop that – amongst other things – explores purpose, defines audience and clarifies offering. We think this is a hugely valuable process for a business of any size to go through, at least once. For a small business, revisiting the process regularly can help considerably with improvement and growth. We find brainstorming the following regularly can be very helpful:

  • Revisit your purpose. Why are you doing this? Why did you start?
  • Understand your audience. Are your audience who you thought they’d be?
  • Clarify your offering. Does your offering appeal to your actual audience?

Recently we went through this process ourselves and thought it would be valuable to share the journey. After announcing our new offering, JAC& Brand Workshops, we took some time to reflect and adapt.

We started with purpose, brainstorming why we created the offering and uncovered the following:

  • To help small business owners understand what a brand is and how valuable it can be to business.
  • To help new business owners build the invisible parts of their brand and gain clarity around who they are.
  • To help existing business owners revisit and strengthen their brand.
  • To help people with lower budgets build a brand with depth and substance.

To better understand our audience, we:

  • Reviewed all data and insights available to us.
  • Assessed all enquiries received for underlying concerns/hesitation.
  • Asked questions of as many people as we could.

After going through the above steps, we realised we knew who our audience were but not what they needed. We spent considerable time assessing how we could achieve our purpose while balancing the business’ needs at the same time and landed on a compromise. Increasing participants slightly and reducing ticket cost invites our intended audience back in and allows us to help the people we want to.

Going through the above process can lead to so many different outcomes – financial or otherwise – if your business or offering isn’t doing what you thought it would, ask questions of yourself and others then, adapt.

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