Award competitions are a scam —

Quite some time ago, we signed up for a service called Award Reminder. We believe in the work we do and are proud of the results we achieve with our clients, so from time to time we’ve contemplated entering our work into various design competitions. Every time we’ve gotten close to submitting, gut instinct tells us not to. The current state of design awards seems unfair and ultimately dishonest to us.

Award Reminder sent their final reminder last week, because (in their words) ‘award competitions are a scam’. Justus Bruns (founder of AR) explained why he can’t support something he doesn’t believe in and we couldn’t agree more with everything in the article.

You can read it here.

Like Justus, we agree that the concept of winning awards and being recognised for the work you do is great. However paying hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars just to take part feels ridiculous. Without a level playing field, the system is broken. Awards should be accessible to all designers, not just those with ample funds and a strong network.

We’re really glad to finally read something that articulates our feelings so well. Until there is a competition that addresses this issue, you won’t see any JAC& work submitted for an award. 

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