Boring business books —

For a long time we’ve avoided business books. Using every excuse under the sun – they’re boring, cliché, have ugly covers, are self indulgent – we rejected recommendations and advice from trusted peers and friends.

We now feel pretty stupid.

We’re growing this year in all kinds of ways, from hiring to family. It’s a really exciting time, and also one where we need to be more strategic than ever to avoid unnecessary stress. So, in an effort to empower ourselves with knowledge, we’ve turned to business books and have found them to be, well, not so boring.

The books below were easy to read, informative and full of helpful and actionable strategies. They’ve given us clarity and direction, and also greater empathy for our clients too. With better business knowledge we’re able to help them problem solve challenges and launch or grow in a considered way.

And next on the reading pile:

If you run a business and have shared our disdain for business books (we know you probably won’t take this advice, we didn’t), give them a go! If every book read leads to just one small learning or improvement to your business, you’re doing something great for your future.

Whatever books we find really useful will be added to our Little Black Book. Access that here.

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