Developing brand character and why it matters —

How much does it cost to design a logo? This frequently asked question concerns me for a few reasons. The biggest being that a logo is just one small (albeit important) part of a brand, it cannot communicate clearly on its own. I understand the thought process for a new business – start lean and expand on the brand as the business grows – however I can’t agree with the approach.

The most important part of a brand is what you can’t see, the things that define character (for example, values and vision, a defined target market, tone of voice). It’s these factors that dictate the visible design elements (typography, colour, imagery, etc) and help your audience connect with the business.

It shouldn’t be left up to potential clients or customers to guess who you are and what you stand for, this is an aspect of the business that you can (and should) take control of. A considered branding process provides a great deal of insight, clarifying brand values and developing character helps you make confident decisions and places your business in a better position for growth from the beginning.

In our branding process the top priority is to help people define and understand who they are, so their audience can too. In all studios, thorough discussion between designer and client before the creative phase begins should be non-negotiable. Uncovering the who, what and (the all important) why allows for the development of a strong brand character which ensures meaningful communication. When you understand who you are and who you’re talking to, the words come easier.

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