Branding for creative professionals —

The past year saw us working with more creative professionals than ever. In particular, we’ve seen an increase in the number of architects and interior designers who walk through our door for workshops and/or branding. Each project has reinforced the similarities we share as creative professionals and improved our self-awareness too. Certain themes have cropped up repeatedly that we thought would be useful to share.

DIY mentality
While you may have the skills to create a logo or roll-out some marketing collateral, that doesn’t mean you should. Results aside, you’re missing out on an opportunity to learn through collaborating with a professional. Understanding that finances often dictate the need for DIY, we offer flexible payment terms and we’re sure other studios would be open to discussing this too. So, don’t let money be the sole deterrent!

Empathy for clients
Most creative industries have a bit of an issue with client blaming. When a project doesn’t go to plan, people often look for a scapegoat before looking inwards. It’s something we actively avoid at JAC& and encourage our clients to do the same. One of our architect clients shared a great snippet of wisdom in a workshop last year that we think about often. For every project – regardless of size or budget – she reminds herself that it’s likely the biggest and most important thing her client has done to-date. A really useful thing to recall if tensions or anxieties arise.

Project lag, folio struggle
For architects in particular, projects can often be a long process, which makes updating your folio regularly a struggle. While it’s beneficial to find a way to share what you’re working on in the interim, it’s a much better idea to communicate who you are through your brand. Rather than relying solely on your work to tell your story, use your brand character to connect with your audience and attract ideal clients.

Though we’ve seen these patterns in working with creative professionals, these themes can be present in any industry. If you’d like to chat about any issues you’re facing in your business and explore how your brand can help, please do get in touch.

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