Budgeting for your brand —

This week we sat down with a potential client to help them create a brand budget for their new business. We helped them explore all potential costs attached to building and growing a brand, including our own fees and also external suppliers like photographers, website developers and printers.

This isn’t something we get asked to do that often, but we wish it happened more. It’s empowering to have an informed and realistic view of what your brand and marketing may cost throughout the year for a business of any age. Regardless of the budget you’re working with – there is no magic formula, sorry – having a clear idea of where your money will be spent and why will help you make better decisions for your business. It will also reduce unnecessary stress and avoid waste (both fantastic things in our book).

So, with that in mind, we’ve added a simple brand budgeting spreadsheet to our Little Black Book. Within, we’ve covered:

  • A list of all potential expenses associated with launching or growing a brand
  • Tips on how/where to get a genuine read on costing (because Google can be more confusing than helpful here)

For potential and existing clients at JAC&, we do our best to create an environment where people feel at ease talking expectations and budgets. While money isn’t always the most comfortable subject, addressing the elephant in the room leads to greater comfort and positive outcomes for everyone involved.

If you want us to help you with your budget planning, book a 10 minute discovery call and we’ll arrange a time to catch up. To do it yourself, download our brand budgeting spreadsheet over in our LBB.

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