Building a social media profile with integrity —

The world of social media can be confusing and for some it’s something they’d rather not get involved with. Many businesses choose to avoid it altogether or tackle it without proper education or commitment. Both may lead to missed opportunities and can be costly for brand integrity. For all its shortcomings, social media is a cost effective marketing tool that every good business knows should be taken seriously. 

As a personal user it’s simple and quick to set up a profile on social media, just two steps to set up an account on Instagram and start posting. For a business, it’s different. Having a plan, clarifying purpose and developing a strategy that aligns with your brand character before your first post is crucial. Like any marketing approach, your communication on social media should be carefully considered. Post frequency and style should serve your purpose and help you reach your ambitions; a thoughtful strategy will ensure this. 

You don’t need to be a social media ‘expert’ to manage your own accounts, what you do need though is time and thought. Interest, experience and knowledge go a long way too. Everything you say and do online should have a clear intention. Whether it is to amplify your values; show off your product in its best light, or help attract your ideal customer or client. With inconsistencies in your social media profile, cracks in your character could begin to show and your brand integrity is put at risk. 

Many business owners realise the benefit of outsourcing their financial or legal commitments, understanding their time is better spent focussing on what they’re good at. This is no different for social media, if you don’t feel confident in your skills or lack the time to commit properly, partnering with a social media manager is the answer.

Through our social media client relationships, we bring value through a fresh set of brand focussed eyes. The ongoing nature of the work offers us the opportunity to continually refine brand character, clarify messages and help grow our clients’ businesses with integrity.

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