Our word for 2018

We’re not into resolutions, our wonderful business mentor suggested a great concept that we love though. A theme word, something that captures the feeling you want to experience in the year ahead.

Our word for 2018 is calm.

2017 was a very exciting and rewarding year for JAC&. We were joined by Sara, did some beautiful work for clients, refined our process and offering, launched 43 Derby Street and collaborated with some very talented peers and suppliers. 

We’ve achieved a lot behind the scenes over the past few years and while we will continue to refine and improve our offering, this year we’re looking forward to slowing down and giving more to our clients.

Last year we put some thought into our purpose and uncovered our greatest satisfaction comes from helping build businesses that improve the lives of people who run them.

We love helping people launch and grow businesses in a calm and considered way. We want to help people get more from the branding process, realise their potential and create a business they enjoy working in and on.

We’re looking forward to leading by example and helping our clients approach their branding and marketing in a thoughtful and collected way. Through our relationships with our clients, we hope to help them build a better relationship with their working life.

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