Where curiosity lies, great brands are born —

At JAC&, we’re lucky to share our studio with people working in different industries. This is a great daily reminder that the world doesn’t begin and end with design and an opportunity to gain insight into new processes and ideas. Being exposed to varied perspectives and values leads to thought provoking conversation and in turn increases our curiosity.

Leo Burnett said “Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”. We believe this is particularly relevant to the branding process. Where curiosity and a strong desire to understand lie, great brands are born. When approaching a new branding project, these are some of our key priorities:

To understand our client and their vision
In our branding workshops, we discuss and challenge our clients thoughts, ideas and goals. This collaboration is crucial to the design process, through doing this we learn as much as we can and help our clients discover who they are in order to communicate clearly.

Defining the audience
We dedicate time to exploring the desired audience and make sure the brand and audience values align. If these don’t align, business growth is unlikely. To create a brand that people connect with and develop brand loyalty, you need to understand who it is you’re talking to.

Understanding industry
With strong knowledge of the industry we’re creating within, we’re able to design with an intended point of difference. Taking note of common clichés and stereotypes, holding on to what’s useful and discarding anything that may damage brand integrity.

Lastly, but most importantly, we step away. One of our top priorities at JAC& is to make time to stay curious about non-design interests. For us, art is a great respite. Escaping the studio to see an exhibition, performance or even just exploring a favourite artist’s work on social media keeps us excited and inspired by creativity. Although it’s sometimes difficult to find the time or motivation to ‘step away’, we truly believe it’s the key to better creativity and more meaningful design results for our clients. 

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