Adding value to your business through design —

Good design is incredibly valuable to business, it can and does pique interest, shift perception and help people connect with brands. Founder of Penguin Books Sir Allen Lane said – “Good design is no more expensive than bad” – we couldn’t agree more. Bad design diminishes brand integrity and costs you greatly. The results and rewards of investing in good design speak for themselves.

It’s disheartening to see businesses with great potential represent themselves poorly because of budget concerns, lack of awareness or poor communication. Every designer has a responsibility to educate their clients about the value of design and to make considered decisions that align with the business’ vision and lead to growth. However there are things for you, the client, to consider also.

Develop a relationship with the right designer for you:
Rather than shopping on budget or style alone, search for a designer that shares your values and is excited to be a part of your business journey. It’s important to share your vision and ambitions in the early stages of the relationship and throughout, this will ensure you’re on the same page and are driven towards the same goal.

Designers are problem solvers and most are not inspired by the opening line ‘I already know what I want’, instead approach them with your goal, ideas and thoughts then develop the path forward together. The most successful creative solutions come from trusting relationships, designers and clients alike should place huge importance on working together cohesively.

Have a plan:
Many larger organisations set a schedule and budget for marketing and design at the beginning of the year and work within it, a planned approach like this can optimise budgets of all shapes and sizes. Discussing your goals and priorities with your designer openly will result in resourceful and more valuable solutions.

A considered and thoughtful approach to design needn’t require large budgets or a staff of hundreds, every individual has the capacity to think and plan. With clear and open communication, designers and clients can work together to build meaningful relationships that add genuine value to businesses.

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