Celebrating collaboration —

To express gratitude to our clients, suppliers and peers for their support in 2018, we made a gift that celebrates collaboration.

Imagery was created with Willem-Dirk du Toit (photographer) and Natalie Turnbull (stylist) for a personal project called 1–3. We gave ourselves 1 hour to collect props and 3 hours to execute a series without intention or reference.

The giclée prints were produced by Hound & Bone Studio (a small business with an approach we really respect and admire) on Canson Rag Photographique.

The textured note cards were made by another excellent small business called Dodgy Paper using Hound & Bone offcuts.

We then documented the collaboration with Jill Haapaniemi.

This project goes to show that it really does take a village! It’s an honour to have such talented people in ours.

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