Happy Birthday… to us —

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we did our favourite thing – collaborate!

Having just gotten through the festive season, we knew our peers would have plenty of overheard words of wisdom and ridiculousness to share with us.

We teamed up with our excellent client Wild Life to make fortune cookies that house our top 10 collected idioms. Then, for you to laugh at when you should be working, we made a little website with our friends at Cinch to showcase the rest of the pearlers:


We had a heap of fun making this, and hope you have a bit of fun playing with it too. With special thanks to:

The gentleman who built the website
Our favourite bakers, Wild Life
Jill Haapaniemi, our friend with the camera and skills
All the legends who loaned us their words, namely:

  • Jac’s family and her Mum’s friends – they really came through on this one!
  • Giselle Laming
  • Jay Armstrong
  • James and Kirtsten of Taylor’d Press
  • Steve Gavan
  • Max Rabbit Slim
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Ed Robinson-Beyerle
  • Dave Carmody
  • The crew at 43 Derby Street
  • And many more on the ‘gram too!


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