We’re back! Today is our first day in the studio for 2017 and we thought it would be a perfect time to share some of our aspirations for the year.

Working on the business and reviewing our processes to ensure we’re adding meaningful value is a top priority, as always. We have some exciting ideas for a new branding workshop format that we can’t wait to trial early in the year.

We’re looking forward to expanding our network of suppliers, contractors, collaborators and clients and learning all we can from our work together. A mid-year trip to NY is sure to open our minds a little further too!

Very excited to move the studio to a new space early this year and share our day-to-day with some like-minded people. Learn more about our intentions here.

We have a fun collaborative project lined up with two great friends of the studio this year, looking forward to stepping away from client work and enjoying a non-commercial project.

We’re incredibly grateful for a wonderful and rewarding first year as JAC& and can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings.

Here we go.

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