Introducing the newest addition to JAC& —

Earlier in the year we began our search for a great person to join JAC&. Taking ample time with the process, we met a lot of excellent people along the way. A very big thank you again to everyone who showed interest in the position.

We have made a decision and are excited to finally introduce you to the newest addition to JAC&, Sara Hayat. Sara has been working in the design industry for over 12 years and has a breadth of experience spanning branding, publication, packaging, advertising, illustration, copy writing and strategy. She is quick-witted, thoughtful and most definitely a great person. We’re thrilled with our choice and feel incredibly lucky that she’s chosen to spend her time with us.

Sara will be working across all areas of JAC& and is also crafting the next phase for 43 Derby Street. Having a fresh set of eyes in the studio presents a wonderful opportunity to make improvements. Together we’ve been reviewing and refining the strategic direction for both businesses and are looking forward to sharing our next steps with you.

Sara Hayat and Jacinta Lippold

In addition to her work at JAC&, Sara runs a side project called Totes Good. Follow her TG journey on Instagram.

Photo by Jill Haapaniemi.

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