IPC on Fast Company —

We’re thrilled to see our work for Integrated Podiatry Clinic recognised by Fast Company, a global publication that inspires readers to think beyond traditional business and design boundaries. As regular readers, we’re incredibly pleased to see our design work appreciated and our intentions understood. However, our greatest accomplishment is that the IPC website is achieving its original goals and conveying the business’ values clearly and quickly.

“Notice what the visuals say about the site and the company: the grey colour has the appropriate professionalism of a clinic, while the feet image and clever tagline make it feel human at the same time. The step logo in the bottom right maintains the podiatry theme. From the clever copy to the soft tones, the interface is designed to communicate that the clinic is staffed with experts who care about their patients.”

It can’t be denied that we lean towards a minimal design aesthetic at JAC&, this is never done for the sake of style alone though. All of our projects begin with questions and continue that way until completion and beyond. We believe that you can’t design without firstly knowing and understanding intention and that every creative decision thereafter should aim to serve that intention. The measure of success for us is never the cost of a website or branding project or even the recognition it receives. We prefer to look at what the original intention was and if the outcome has helped achieve it.

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