JAC& x McKellar Renown —

We recently collaborated with McKellar Renown Press on The Make Project; a monthly collaboration showcasing the unique marriage of process and design to demonstrate the power of print to communicate.

Focussing on tactility, we created a composition of some of our favourite BJ Ball, Spicers and K.W. Doggett stocks. We used a combination of complementary colours, weights and textures to encourage the reader to focus on the subtle differences across each stock.

Print was kept simple and limited; the cover printed in white ink on translucent stock is a dedication to the late Ellsworth Kelly’s Circle Line, with some of his wise words hidden within the booklet – “The negative is just as important as the positive” – this quote represents our thinking at JAC& well. A lot of the time, it’s what isn’t on the page (or screen) that speaks the loudest.

We documented the work with the wonderful Natalie Turnbull (stylist) and Willem-Dirk du Toit (photographer). Working with such a talented team was a great way to finish off an already rewarding collaborative project.

We have a very limited number of copies to send out, if you would like one please email us with your postal address.

See the full project here.


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