It takes a village to execute a creative project, launch something new or run a small business. Here are the suppliers and resources that have helped us (and our clients) significantly. These people and things have made life easier and more rewarding, we back them wholeheartedly.

Learning —

Home School (a JAC& venture to help you build brand smarts) 
Google Digital Garage
Richie Meldrum’s classes
The Strategy Masterclass


Software we use —



Spreadsheets + internal documents we created and use —

Current projects
Weekly to-do
Social planning
Client/project analysis
Brand budget spreadsheet
Lead generation


Type foundries we love and use —

Grilli Type
Swiss Typefaces
Pangram Pangram
Schick Toikka
Klim Type Foundry
Sharp Type
Foster Type
Or Type
Good Type Foundry
Indian Type Foundry
Boulevard LAB Type Foundry
Colophon Foundry
Florian Karsten Typefaces
General Type Studio
KOMETA Typefaces


Mock up resources —

Mockup Maison
The Templates


Inspiration resources —

Visual Journal
It’s Nice That
The Brand Identity
Brand New
Inspo Finds
Museum Department
Mindsparkle Mag


Reading and resources —

Home School (a JAC& venture to help you build brand smarts) 
Harvard Business Review (ideas and advice)
NY Times Smarter Living (stories and articles)
Start With Why – Simon Sinek (book)
Run Studio Run – Eli Altman (book)
Don’t Call It That – Eli Altman (book)
Inside eMyth (free resources to help refine and grow your business)
Google Design
Copywrong to Copywriter – Tait Ischia
Do Book Series


Suppliers (content) —

Jill Haapaniemi (photography)
Nat Turnbull (styling)
Willem Dirk du Toit (photography)
Ed Supreme (copy)


Suppliers (business help) —

Jo Hook (business coach and mentor)
Julie Doyle (much more than a bookkeeper)
My Daily Business Coach
Nagle Accounting


Suppliers (print) —

Bambra (digital, offset and specialty printing)
The Hungry Workshop (letterpress and specialty printing)
Taylor’d Press (offset and specialty printing)
Press Print (digital printing)
Hound and Bone (fine art printing)


Suppliers (web developers) —

Small Pirate
Jack Fowler


Suppliers (signage, packaging and other print) —

Decently Exposed (signage)
All of the Above (screenprinting)
The Print Bar (short run merchandise)
Woodruff (tools for DIY finishing) 
Multi-Color (food and wine labels)

As we always have, we’ll continue to review and refine this list (adding or substracting) whenever needed. So check back in from time to time. If you have any questions, or if there is something we can help with, get in touch.

+61 450 189 308