No harm in generosity —

The creative industry in Melbourne can often feel quite concentrated and connected. Particularly in Collingwood where on any given corner, at any time of the day, you will likely find a designer explaining their strategic approach or the nuances of typography.

Given how many of us there are in this one little pocket, it’s fair to say competition is high. Despite this, we’ve noticed (what we hope is) a positive shift. It feels like there is more and more generosity around us and much less fear and protectiveness.

Recently we attended an excellent workshop by Richie Meldrum where he laid out his entire process, start to finish, giving away what a lot of people hold tight to their chests. As a response, we’re now writing about him and spoke about him at the Home School launch too. Through being open and helping others improve, we’re sure Richie will attract the great new clients and projects he deserves.

Our approach to business has always been one of openness and sharing and in turn this is essentially our marketing strategy. We use ventures like 43 Derby Street to bring together a likeminded community, Home School to share our process and make branding more accessible and our LBB to pass on our learnings/resources and support our suppliers.

These things are not only helping us grow the business, they feel good! Most of us know in our personal lives that it’s good to be generous – we help friends move house, drop people at the airport, all of those nice things – the same goes for business, because businesses are made up of people too. Being generous does absolutely no harm; it’s good for your soul, helpful to others and has the positive side effect of being good for business too.

We’ve loved noticing this shift. It’s exciting to be part of an industry that’s supportive, collaborative and working as one big ecosystem. Regardless of industry or expertise, generosity is easy when you ask yourself one simple question – how can I help?

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