Parental leave and small business —

We believe that small businesses have an opportunity to make a difference when it comes to equality. A lot of small business owners we meet have a really admirable mindset when it comes to social responsibility and want to create progressive working environments for their staff. The common hurdle many face is budget. There are some positives to a lacking budget though, the biggest one (we think) is resourceful thinking. 

When developing our parental leave policy recently – with financial limitations – we got creative and found a few ways to help make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. To help other small businesses, we thought we’d share what we came up with. In addition to the Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme, we are:

  • Increasing superannuation for 12 months after returning to work
  • Providing a learning and development budget to be spent on short courses, online learning, talks, seminars or even reading matter.
  • Offering a flexible work arrangement when returning to work.

These are small gestures, but sometimes it’s the things that don’t cost a lot of money that make the biggest difference. 

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