Imogen Pullar Architecture —

Imogen Pullar is a northside architect that works insightfully to create homes that respond to current and future needs. Often embracing existing structures, Imogen celebrates history and enhances space through thoughtful design.

Imogen (and her work) is a perfect balance of sophistication and playfulness. We wanted to honour this in her brand and represent both her warmth and talent in equal measure. Utilising custom crafted typography, we created a symbol that celebrates architecture with personality. This, combined with a careful approach to layout and colour, communicates the character and ethos behind the brand.

Working with JAC& has been a breath of fresh air. They produced a brand that completely embodies and elevates me and my work — that I never would have thought of myself. Their process is clear, organised yet fun to engage with and the outcomes are super creative and thoughtful.

Imogen Pullar

Folio photography by Jill Haapaniemi

+61 450 189 308