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Integrated Podiatry are determined to change the way we think about podiatry. With an ambition to shift perception and a focus on prevention and maintenance, we worked with IPC to position them in the wellness sector.

In the pre-design phase, we helped IPC clarify their vision and define their character. Collaborating with a talented team, we built an identity that steps away from common industry clichés. Being careful not to alienate any markets, we developed a flexible brand with personality.

Our overall experience of working with JAC& has been nothing but exceptional. Their considered approach helped us get clear on our brand and has made IPC what it is today. We trust that any work JAC& produces for us will embody the brand values and be beautiful to match.

Michelle Moyle

integrated podiatry branding design
Integrated Podiatry Clinic Branding

Photography by Lauren Bamford, styling by Ella Bendrups. Website build by Sixheads.

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