Santé —

Specialising in cellular stimulation through considered consultations, treatments and a curated range of home-care rituals and products, Santé provides space for people to stimulate their senses.

Working closely with Simone Moyle (founder), we helped her find a way to communicate a unique offering with clarity. Stepping away from a clinical approach, we designed the brand to feel human, connected and warm. The concept of ‘more than skin deep’ was brought to life with macro photography of layered objects offering texture and depth.

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Working with JAC& has been an absolute pleasure. Jac & Sara’s contribution, guidance and support to create the Santé brand has been nothing short of amazing.

Simone Moyle

JAC& understood the concept and helped communicate the brand and its unique offering in a clear, aligned and beautiful way. From brand and identity development to print, digital and website design the process has been seamless, inspired and thoroughly enjoyable.

Simone Moyle

Photography by Jill Haapaniemi.

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