The importance of review and reflection in design —

A recent visit to a premium Melbourne yoga studio prompted me to consider design process. The business had spared no expense on the branding and fit-out; a respected design studio developed the identity and the space was shaped by a very well-known interior designer. There’s no doubt that considerable thought went into the creation of this business.

Developing character is one of the most important stages of branding, it dictates design and helps your audience connect with the intangible parts of your business. I’m confident this would have been a key factor for all involved, however what I found troubling when I visited was the lack of attention to small details. There were a number of minor things that damaged the experience for me as a consumer – tattered posters stuck up with tape, chipped furniture and products within that didn’t seem to align with the business character – all which add up and devalue integrity.

Great branding can be undone or diluted when the day to day running of a business isn’t taken into account as a part of the original brief. Infrequent promotional material or activities can be left to non-design staff and urgent solutions often take over from considered brand consistent solutions with a negative result. Poor housekeeping can destroy branding intention.

This can be easily rectified. In all areas of life review and reflection are crucial to maintaining balance and order, design is no different. This experience forced me to reflect on my own processes and review them, as a result all JAC& projects now include a review phase. A time to sit down after a few months or a year and assess how the brand is serving its original intention. Through these meetings, we aim to add ongoing value and help our client’s businesses grow design integrity.

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