Sharing our insights on the hiring process —

We recently put a call out for a designer to join us at JAC& and were humbled to receive hundreds of applications. It was an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task to choose just one applicant. We’re looking forward to introducing you to the wonderful person joining us soon.

Having reviewed a large number of resumés and folios, we picked up on some common threads and, in an effort to help people improve for future applications either at JAC& or elsewhere, we held a review session at the studio to share our insights and knowledge. Here’s a summary of what we spoke about on the night:

Know who you’re talking to:

Research the studio before you apply and ask yourself if you’re the right fit for the job and (importantly) if the job is the right fit for you. If it feels right and you’re going to apply, try to pick up on the studio values through their site or social media then demonstrate you’ve paid attention to this in your application.

Do what’s asked:

This is a really easy win. Pay attention to what’s been asked and do it. For example, if you’re asked to upload a folio don’t send a link to your website. Doing anything other than what’s asked implies that you’re either not listening or don’t care.

Resumé tips:

  • Make sure your name and contact details are on there!
  • Substance over style, content is key
  • Name your file logically (i.e. FULL NAME_CV_YEAR.PDF)
  • Supply references
  • PDF’s only (no other file type)
  • Ensure text is accessible (not flattened or outlined)

Folio tips:

  • Don’t brand yourself as a studio if you’re going for a job in a studio
  • Tailor your folio. If you don’t have suitable previous work, create it
  • Full screen mode? Don’t
  • Communicate your input. Were you the lead designer on the project or did you help roll out? Be honest and credit where appropriate
  • Get feedback before submitting. Ask your peers, friends, teachers (anyone!) to provide some honest thoughts and impressions for you

A big thanks to everyone who showed an interest in working at JAC& and took the time to go through the application process.

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