What is a brand? —

Type ‘what is a brand’ into google and you’ll be met with varied and conflicting answers. It’s a widely discussed and debated question that has multiple correct answers. The requirements of a brand will differ case by case, however there are a few core elements we believe should be considered by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A thoughtful brand prioritises more than aesthetically pleasing visuals and a catchy tag-line. At JAC&, it’s our opinion that vision, character and identity must work together in order to communicate meaningfully.

Every JAC& branding project begins with a workshop to help our clients define and understand who they are, so their audiences can too. With their unique brand elements clarified, we encourage transparency in order to increase opportunities for growth and contribute to better working relationships.

We believe the most important factor of a strong brand (and business) is the quality of the relationships within it. The owner, employees, suppliers and particularly the designer should all have a strong understanding of the brand make-up. When each individual understands the brand thoroughly, they are able to contribute to the business’ success.

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